The corresponding author must include only the names of the co-authors who have contributed to the article. The contribution of each author should be clearly stated in the cover letter. In case the journal editorial board receives any complaint relating to violation of authorship or unethical practices, the editorial board reserves the right to initiate an enquiry and thereafter take necessary action. The authors must declare the conflict of interest/ competing interests if any while submitting the manuscript. In case the conflict of interest is suppressed by the authors, the articles will be retracted.  If any unethical practice is detected at any time even after the publication, the articles shall be retracted and the author shall be barred from future submission. In case any post-publication error is reported or detected, there will be a provision for correction of the same.

The journal has zero tolerance policy towards plagiarism. By submitting to this journal the author(s) acknowledge that they have not made simultaneous submission of the article to other journals.

All submissions should be free from racial, communal, religious, gender and language biases.

All articles are double blind peer reviewed so that the quality of the journal is not compromised.

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